Only T Origins

One night after a game of social netball, Nic and Rose were walking back to the car together. They had been friends for six years and Nic had been trying to escape the dreaded friend zone since they first met.

Nic had been trying to work up the courage to ask Rose on a date and this was the moment. Not sure if it was because of the netball or the nerves, but Nic was trembling;

“Hey Rose, want to have dinner on Friday night and then maybe see a movie?”

Rose, startled by this admission was obviously taken aback and responded, “Yeah sure, as friends though?”

Nic, with his confidence shattered, turned into a bumbling mess. “Umm, yeah, umm as friends, sure.”

Rose and Nic then sat in silence the whole way home and never went to dinner that week.

This was a much too familiar situation for Nic and he decided he wanted to do something about it.

Soon after, Nic and his ONLY Two friends Mike and I were having coffee in Brisbane at a new café and Nic retold his story. We always took great enjoyment in hearing about Nic’s failed attempts in the dating world but also thought this was a great opportunitea to help him out.

We put our heads together to come up with a concept. Drawing from our limited skills. Mike had a lot of experience in making pots, Nic in being awkward on first dates and myself in making t-shirts. But what could this memorable experience be? It had to be something that was fun, engaging, hands on and also done in groups to minimise awkwardness.

Sitting in the café, we saw someone order a v60 pour over coffee. The barista smugly went away and made this coffee and we joked about the pretentious and exclusive coffee culture that has taken over Australia. This was the perfect thing to make fun of for our concept.

What better way to make fun of coffee culture than by starting up a tea house! This was a good idea with only one small problem, we had absolutely no experience with tea. However we could bring together t-shirt making and pot making into a event style format and solve all of Nic’s problems at once.

Only T was born.

Lucas Patchett

Vice-Presidentee, Design